The City of Sydney council is looking to scrap the bonkers vertical consumption rule that stops punters from standing while drinking outdoors, so Sydneysiders, it’s time to stretch those pins and throw back a pint. 

“Couldn’t I already do this?” you ask? In greater Sydney, yes, but this one goes out to the people who want to get plastered smack bang in the city centre.

According to council outdoor dining guidelines, “Outdoor seating areas can only be used by seated patrons consuming food or drink,” and, “patrons are not permitted to eat or drink while standing in the approved outdoor seating area.”

NSW has had an on-again, off-again relationship with vertical consumption rules, which were originally introduced in 2021 to stop the spread of Miss ‘Rona. Because, as we all know, it’s impossible to contract the novel coronavirus while drinking on a horizontal, or even a diagonal plane. So fickle were these rules, even Premier Dominic Perrottet forgot to follow them.

Hang on, I can hear you pipe up again: “Ok, but I have literally been having beers while standing outdoors in central Sydney?” Yes, in October last year, you were able to consume beverages outdoors, thanks to a short-term measured rolled out by the council and state government. But only at venues that held the proper permits.

This time around, permit or not, the City of Sydney wants to give patrons the chance to stand and sip (or scull, if that tickles your pickle) at all bars, pubs and restaurants in their glorious CBD.

Per the Sydney Morning Herald, Deputy Lord Mayor Jess Scully says the council will take their masterful plan to the public to hear their hot takes on the matter.

We’re no experts, but we think the reaction will be positive.