Clover Moore’s Nightlife Plan Involves Opening The Door To 24-Hr Shopping

Lord Mayor Clover Moore and the City of Sydney team have put together a grand plan to kick Sydney‘s nightlife in the ass and get people out later at night again. After surveying 10,000 Sydneysiders on what they want to see the city’s nightlife to look like, the draft plans include things like new cultural hubs outside of the CBD, 24-hour shopping, extended hours for venues when they’ve got a gig on, and the potential for spots outside the lockout zone to never have a last drinks again.

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In the proposed changes from Clover Moore and her team, businesses between Hyde ParkDarling Harbour, and Central Station will be able to stay open 24 hours, a heap of live venues will trial a boost of capacity of 250 patrons and a close time pushed out to 2am when gigs are on, and shops on strips like Crown St and Glebe Point Rd to extend trading to 2am, and the prospective for licenced places that are outside the lockout zones to serve alcohol 24/7.

If this means that I can absolutely go and get something that isn’t a kebab at 5am after a huge night out on the turps, then sign me the fuck up. I’m extremely here for late-night yum cha.

As reported by the ABC, the changes also include a heap of new late-night spots that border the inner city like Green Square, Barangaroo, Waterloo, and around the Zetland East Village area, and a huge new late-night cultural hub in the northern end of Alexandria.

The lockout laws are unlikely to change anytime soon, as that’s a decision to be made by the NSW Government, sorry about that. BUT things can change ~around~ that zone, and the survey actually showed that a lot of people want late-night options closer to home, so they don’t have to travel to get to the city’s nightlife.

The draft plans for the revitalisation of Sydney’s nightlife will be submitted to Sydney City Council on November 19, and if they’re given the big OK at the council meeting, the plans will be available to be commented on by the public from November 27 to February 9, 2019.

Get ready to put your two cents in, Sydney.