Want To Have Yr Say On The Future Of Sydney’s Nightlife? Here’s How

Imagine for a moment you could go to a gig in Chippendale until 1am, and then duck over to catch a gallery opening in Darlinghurst at 2am, before rounding out your night with a 4am Korean BBQ in Haymarket or something that isn’t a drunken fast food feast that you’ll regret in the morning. That’s what you’d expect from an international city like Sydney, right?

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The City Of Sydney Council has laid out a draft for changes to be made to its ten village areas, which includes the CBDKing St in NewtownGlebe Point Rd in Glebe, and Chinatown, to cultivate a stronger nightlife and create extended and 24-hour trading in some of its biggest cultural hubs.

Though the city council can’t do much to change or roll back the lockout laws, because that’s up to the NSW Government at state level politics, Lord Mayor Clover Moore does have the ability to give the city’s after-dark vibe a bit of a kick up the ass, bringing it up to scratch with other cities that never sleep like New York.

These council plans are now at the point of public feedback, and you lot are able to put your two cents in about the proposed changes and what you want to see happen in Sydney city and other main strips around the area.

The window for public feedback submissions closes at 5pm this Friday, February 8, so if you live or regularly go out in Newtown or Glebe, or you want your thoughts on the new Green Square or East Village communities and what you’d want to see happen with the nightlife in those new built-up areas.

Check out all the proposed plans from the City of Sydney council over HERE, exercise your democratic rights, and chuck your thoughts in this week so you can help sculpt the future of Sydney’s night-time trading. I dunno about you but I’d bloody love to get 3am pastizzi or börek and a cup of filter coffee.