Utter Stains Smash Footscray Burger Joint’s Windows For 2nd Time This Week

For the second time this week, gormless fuckwits have smashed the windows of a Melbourne burger joint for no apparent reason.

8Bit, which slings patties in Footscray, was targeted overnight in an attack reminiscent of the one perpetrated very early on New Year’s Day.

That time around, the brains trust responsible for the smashing left a tag reading “fuck off hipster scum.” 

We can infer that may have been a dumb and misguided attempt to ‘defend’ the traditionally working-class suburb from the alleged gentrification of *gasp* a burger joint, but it doesn’t seem there’s anything so poetic nor political this time around – just disintegrated glass.

Co-owner Shayne McCallum posted a photo of the most recent damage to Facebook, with a caption that fairly accurately sums up the brainless vandalism:

McCallum was slightly more circumspect when speaking to the Herald Sun about the incident, but is still quite confused as to why 8Bit has become a target. He told the paper “it’s a bit of a pain in the arse,” which seems like a gentle way of putting it.
“It’s a bit shocking; I’ll be keen to chat to police later this week to see what they can do about the escalating situation.

“Maybe someone’s just gotten the wrong burger order and they’re not happy.”
Alternative theory:

But seriously, whoever you are, quit it, yeah?

Source: Herald Sun.
Photo: Shayne McCallum / Facebook.