A Massive Foot Appeared In Footscray On Sunday And You Know What They Say About Big Feet

big foot footscray melbourne

A fuck-off giant foot showed up on the streets of Footscray over the weekend. No, I’m not shitting you here, a genuinely massive foot appeared out of the blue and was spotted by bewildered locals wanting to know where the fuck it came from.

The alarmingly-huge appendage was spotted in the inner west suburb of Melbourne, prompting many questions of ‘well that the fuck is that huge foot doing there and who owns it?’ in a Footscray-based Facebook group.

I mean, look at it. It’s a truly big trotter. A heaving hoof. A fucking unfathomable feetie.

IT BIG. [Image: Facebook]

Is it art? Is it a statement? Is it proof that Melbourne is home to some truly enormous giants, and one is apparently missing a foot?

Some sniffing around was done by locals and creative types, and it was suspected that a Footscray-based puppet and interactive art collective was responsible for the stray dew-beater.

Turns out those suspicions were correct. The big foot belongs to Snuff Puppets – a Melbourne collective of puppeteers and puppet-makers who have been making weird creations since the early 90s.

“We were performing as part of our livestream,” a spokesperson from Snuff Puppets told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“The foot escaped the workshop and went across the street.”

Apparently, the group have been doing live and interactive performances on Sunday evenings, and in the fever of last weekend’s performance, old Big Foot over here managed to find his way out of the workshop and hoof it over the street to get some more public attention.

The group love to whip up a giant puppet or two, and that foot has been a part of several roaming acts across Australia and the world. He’s in this video from a performance in Europe back in 2017.

Snuff Puppets will be doing another live-streamed show from the Footscray workshop on Sunday, February 7 at 7pm. So if you happen to see a large foot on the footpath, or an eye yeeting down the street, or maybe a giant mouth trying to lick a bus stop, you’ll know what’s going on.