Here’s a suggestion: let’s leave the word “hipster” in 2016. It is literally meaningless. If hipsters are people who are actively choosing to do things that are outside of the mainstream but looking like a hipster is the mainstream, they logically cannot exist.

Yet, for some reason, people get worked up to the point of shitting themselves when they think about people having beards and drinking more than one type of coffee, because… fuck, who knows. Maybe they didn’t think of covering up their own weak-ass chin with a beard themselves and they don’t know how to use their coffee machine.

It makes no sense to be angry about hipsters. It makes even less sense to be angry about hipsters in Footscray. And it makes even less sense than that to be so angry about hipsters in Footscray that you smash a burger place’s windows.

Footscray Burger Joint’s Windows Smashed By Shitty Amateur Banksy Over NYE

8bit co-owner Shayne McCallum was surprised to discover yesterday that the restaurant had been hit after he was sent an Instagram photo of graffiti on the windows reading “Fuck off hipster scum“, but was initially unfazed: 

“I thought it was a bit amusing because if anyone knows me they know I’m not a hipster at all.

“I thought it is just graffiti, it can come off, it’s not a problem at all.” 

Except, it turned out, the amateur Banksy had also smashed all the window panels along the front of the restaurant – now the fourth time that they’ve had windows smashed, one of those times as part of a burglary.

The attack took place some time over the New Year’s Eve weekend, because apparently a little bit of free time makes people complete dickheads.

The store still opened today despite the damage, and McCallum says they’ll be reviewing the CCTV footage to see if they can identify the culprit.

Photo: 3AW.

Source: The Age.