DEVO: Ur Boy Bangz May Retire From Rap To Pursue His Dream Of Making Shit-Hot Apps

It’s another glorious Monday, which means it’s time for the latest episode of 15 Minutes, the Facebook Watch series in which Lucinda ‘Frooomes’ Price and Nina Oyama travel around Oz each week reliving the most iconic viral moments in history, and those responsible for them. Let’s get this meme bread.

In this week’s peek behind the meme curtain, Lucinda sits down with viral rapper Ajak Chol, AKA Ur Boy Bangz, to talk about his rapid rise to internet fame and that lil’ moment of delicious beef with Jimmy Fallon.

For those who need a bit of context, Bangz produced a bunch of tunes around the ’09/’10 era – such as “Take U to Da Movies” and “Meet Me on Facebook” – that subsequently amassed millions of views. In 2015, Fallon used “Take U to Da Movies” on a segment called “Do not play”, which further catapulted the tune into virality.

Long story short, Bangz is an icon and his tunes fucking slap. Fallon is jealous – he could never.

During the catch-up with Lucinda, Bangz surprisingly admitted that he’d found a love for apps and had subsequently prioritised app-making making over rapping. We stan a multifaceted creator.

“I’m trying to let the music go a bit on the side and focus more on technology,” he admitted, “because now that’s my real dream.”

Firstly, he created Sharetimer, which bares resemblance to Snapchat. He recently launched another app called Chicki Chick, a game that involves a chick weaving amongst rows of eggs.

Check out the full sit-down chin-wag between Bangz and Lucinda right here:

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