Ur Boy Bangz To Quit Music At Height Of Powers, Final Album Imminent

Nothing gold can stay.

After a late career surge in popularity, thanks to a highly public spat – and later resolution – with Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, which included the release of inarguably one of the most blistering diss tracks in the history of the genre, groundbreaking Australian hip hop artist Bangz has announced the planned release of his new album…
…which will be his last.
The man born Ajak Chol revealed on Twitter today that following the release of the album later this year, he will be hanging up the microphone for good, and will instead be moving into the lucrative world of app development.

Bangz had been enjoying a particularly active period in his work as an artist, so the decision to give it away comes as a shock. No more than 3 weeks ago he released a new single, the genre-killing “Hip Hop is Dead,” a white hot scorching of the cult of celebrity poisoning the core realness of hip hop music.

But as the old adage goes, it’s better to burn out than to fade away.
Thank you in advance for a wonderful career, Bangz. A true legend of the Australian underground, with a legacy that’ll probably never be matched.
Who’s gonna take us to the movies now? 🙁