Ur Boi Bangz Signs Off Career With The Most Fire Xmas Track Of The Year

2015’s been a huge, huge year for Ur Boy Bangz. A banner year, in fact.

The Sudan-born lyrical maestro unexpectedly had a rocket strapped to his back a few months ago when Jimmy Fallon brought him into US prominence by featuring his seminal hit “Take U 2 Da Movies” on The Tonight Show – becoming the first Australian hip-hop artist to be featured on the program.
Though Fallon’s words were not the kindest – and, frankly, completely missed the point of the song entirely – the white-hot diss track he fired back at Jimmy proved it once and for all: Bangz was a performer truly at the very height of his powers.
So it took the entire nation by surprise when the man born Ajak Chol unexpectedly announced his intentions to walk away from music at the end of the year.
And though the release date of The Blue Album came and went, something still felt… unfinished.
Fortunately for everyone, Bangz never fails to deliver. And today, with the festive season upon is, he is in the giving mood.
Ur Boi Bangz dropped the third part in his Christmas song trilogy, unleashing the video to “Christmas Story Part III” unto us all.
It’s a simple tune, embodying everything Bangz embodied in his musical career: Showing kindness to each other. Having a good time with your pals. Celebrating Christmas. And SPITTING ABSOLUTE HOT FIRE.

Bless you, sweet Bangz. May the impending launch of your smartphone app empire be wildly fruitful.