UK Pollie’s Twitter Hack Traced To Shared Computer In Berlin Hostel

To everyone who has ever doubted our nation’s mighty cybersecurity regime, this story is for you. 

That’s because the great ‘Strayan trolling of the UK’s Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, the greatest feat of information warfare ever conceived, was conducted in. A. BERLIN. HOSTEL.

If you missed it, some pretty plum messages ended up on his Twitter account, and this new information all but confirms one of our compatriots was responsible for the breach.

Reports say one of Corbyn’s staffers made the fateful error of visiting a hostel on his holiday in Germany; of course, our Pommie mate forgot to log out when he was done. Killer mistake.

As hostels basically serve as underground consulates for pissed-up Aussie tourists, it was all but inevitable the British voting public would be subjected to messages like these:

This great, nameless hero could be among us, even as we speak. Watching. Waiting. Planning the next strike on the world’s elite. All while nursing a froth from the top level of a ratty old bunkbed. 
Source: The Daily Mail.
Photo: Ben Pruchnie / Getty / Twitter.