Jezza Corbyn Reciting Poetry To A Packed Crowd Is Glastonbury 2017’s #1 Hit

Jeremy “Jezza” Corbyn, the absolutely bloody lad, is fast in the process of becoming a legendary figure in UK politics. 
Under his leadership, the Labour party demolished the Tory majority in Theresa May‘s ill-advised early election, and since then he’s only been gaining support – what with his sensible, human responses to ongoing injustices facing many people in the United Kingdom, like actually showing up to comfort victims of the Grenfell Tower fire. Also that time he high-fived a boob
And now, in the kind of history-in-the-making moment that makes your eyes sting with comradely tears, he’s been met with absolute rapture at the Glastonbury Music Festival, where he delivered a rousing speech complete with bloody poetry. 

It’s wild, wild stuff: this 68-year-old hardcore socialist with funny teeth has become the most inspiring political figure for Britain‘s disenfranchised youth in decades. 
These are people under the age of 35 who’ve become politically galvanised to the point of regularly chanting Corbyn’s name to the tune of ‘Seven Nation Army‘. Look at the flags in the video. Those are gigantic political slogans waved by so-called apathetic millennials. What an incredible time to be alive. 

And he quoted Shelley ye are the many, they are the few – and they went bloody nuts for it. 
Image: Facebook / Jeremy Corbyn