So Uh, Olivia Newton-John’s Daughter Is Spouting Las Vegas Conspiracies

File this one to: extremely WTF.

Chloe Lattanzi, daughter of Olivia Newton-John, has posted a bizarre Instagram post claiming that the Las Vegas gunman who massacred 59 people is not responsible for the attack, and that “there’s a much bigger darker organisation behind this abhorrent event.”

Underneath a pic of her posing in front of a pool surrounded by snow, she wrote:

“I must say I do not believe the accused man is the one who did this. This may upset some, but I think there’s a much bigger darker organisation behind this abhorrent event. Look into it. It doesn’t add up.”

Her Instagram has since been set to ‘private’, so cheers to for the screenshots.

Completely sane, normal stuff.

Even the ‘regular’ conspiracy theories are only going as far to claim there was a second gunman involved, a rumour the New York Times debunked this morning.

In fact, pretty much the only one claiming a darker conspiracy at large is noted insane person Alex Jones, who also led the attack that the devastating Sandy Hook mass shooting was a conspiracy (and caused grieving parents of murdered children to be harassed by his followers to this day).

He’s claiming that the ‘deep state’ carried out the massacre, a theory so off-chops that even his compatriot conspiracists wouldn’t go along it it. (And FWIW, his lawyer argued during his recent custody battle that Jones’ conspiracy theory-loving InfoWars persona was merely a “character”. Doesn’t stop his show being watched by millions, though.)

Somebody get Chloe away from InfoWars, stat.