Here’s Your First Proper Squiz At Delta Goodrem As Olivia Newton-John

Presumably, you asked for this, and now it’s time to reap the spoils: here’s your first proper look at Delta Goodrem as Olivia Newton-John.

Source: Channel 7.

The blonde starlet will portray the blonde starlet in the in the two-part Channel 7 Olivia Newton-John biographical mini-series Olivia: Hopelessly Devoted To You, which will chronicle her life from the 60s until the present.

According to this press release we got, Goodrem is stoked as hell for the role:

Olivia influenced my earliest years as an evolving artist and became the backbone of influence to living my life and heart as a proud Australian artist. I aspired to have her grace, humility and talent from the time I started singing.

I grew up with Olivia’s energy and beautiful voice in my world through her music, and then from an early age I was truly blessed to find friendship and mentorship from Olivia. She is an icon. I am deeply humbled to play my idol and friend, and I am truly excited to share with people a part of Olivia’s life story.

Goodrem shared a sneak peek last year, but this video shows off a wide variety of looks at various levels of fierceness and showcases the kind of acting for which TV biographical dramas are so well-loved:


Should be wild.