Two Adelaide Teens Were Robbed At Knifepoint For Their Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

In news providing all the evidence you need that Krispy Kreme doughnuts do in fact contain trace amounts of cocaine, police in Adelaide, the most recent place to be #blessed with the most irresistible diabetes delivery system known to man, are now searching for a teenager who pulled a knife on two other teens and stole their Krispy Kreme doughnuts.   

The ABC reports: “Only days after high-profile doughnuts maker Krispy Kreme opened an outlet in the city’s western suburbs, two boys were threatened by another teenager and their six boxes of doughnuts taken.  Police say the offender took the freshly bought snacks after the boys got into their car in Malcolm Street, not far from the Port Road Croydon outlet. They say the offender demanded the teenagers stay in the front seats then opened a rear door and took the boxes from the back seat, about 9:40pm ACST on Wednesday.  They say the offender was wearing a black hoodie and black trackpants.”

Despicable baked goods heist or the extreme SA version of that time Peggy Olson organised a viral marketing stunt where she paid two actors to fight over the last Sugarberry Ham? Who’s to say? Actually, police say it’s the latter. Those with relevant information regarding the theft – the assailant was said to be wearing a black hoodie and black trackpants – are advised to contact Crime Stoppers immediately.