Krispy Kreme Has Done A Biscoff Collab & We Simply Doughnut Care About Anything Else Today

biscoff krispy kreme doughnuts

In news that is welcomed with delight by our stomachs, hearts, and saliva glands, a brand new and trés limited edition range of Krispy Kreme is headed our way. The doughie dream team are not afraid of collaborating and creating some wild flavs, and this time they’ve gone for the big leagues – Biscoff cookies.

Two new doughnuts from this delicious collab will be hitting stores from March 2 (that’s today, if you haven’t checked the calendar yet), and they both look devilishly decadent.

If you’re a bit of a purist and prefer your doughnuts to have a hole in the middle, the Lotus Biscoff Ring has the classic Original Glazed doughnut smeared with a healthy glob of Biscoff spread and then drizzled in Biscoff crème.

biscoff krispy kreme doughnuts[Image: Supplied]


If you’re more of an indulgence-seeker, the Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake is probably going to be more your pace, ya bloody sweet tooth. Honestly, it sounds borderline illegal, if you ask me.

The Cheesecake doughnut is a full Krispy Kreme doughie shell, pumped with cream cheese frosting, dunked in Biscoff spread, and then topped with a chocolate ganache drizzle and crumbly Biscoff bickies.

biscoff krispy kreme doughnuts[Image: Supplied]

Good LORD my heart is racing and I don’t know if it’s from excitement or preparing for the sugar rush and immediate crash.

If there’s any time I’ve wanted to do a cheeky run to the nearest Krispy Kreme, it’s right now. I just want to Biscoff a tray of the buggers for morning smoko, and then again for arvo tea.

The new sweetie treats are only around for a short while, but if you’re now drooling over the idea of a Biscoffy range of fluffy yet decadent Krispy Kreme doughnuts, you can pick up a dozen (or more) from your local doughnut store, 7-Eleven, and though all the food delivery regulars – UberEats, Menulog, and Deliveroo.

Get around ’em like…a doughie, I guess. I know I’m gonna have a little Biscoff doughnut, as a treat.