Krispy Kreme & Hershey’s Are Doing A Limited Edition Doughnut Range We Wanna Kiss S’More

krispy kreme hershey's doughnuts limited edition

In great news for our guts, the newest Krispy Kreme collaboration creation is coming in hot and it’s a match made in US snack heaven. Those fluffy glazed doughnuts have been deliciously kissed by the iconic Hershey’s chocolates for a limited edition range.

As if this isn’t the American dream team. Krispy Kreme doughnuts and Hershey’s chocolate. The only way we could make it more American would be to jam a Twinkie in the hole and cover it in candy corn and Lucky Charms cereal.

The new collab lands in Krispy Kreme and 7-11 stores across Australia on Tuesday, February 22. There are three flavours in the collab that’ll satisfy Count Donut’s sweetest tooth: Choc Strawberry, Ultimate Choc, and S’mores.

The catch, however, is that you won’t be able to get all of them from your local Krispy Kreme shop because that S’mores flav is only available at 7-11. Good thing there are more than 700 of those in Australia, right?

krispy kreme hershey's doughnuts limited edition
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The Choc Strawberry flavour is a full doughnut filled with Hershey’s choc creme, dipped in a strawberry truffle and finished with an icing drizzle and choc chips.

The Ultimate Choc is a whole doughnut filled with choc creme and dipped in a milk chocolate ganache. It’s topped off with a chocolate ganache drizzle and Hershey’s choc chips.

The S’mores flavour is the classic Krispy Kremes dough ring swirled with a shipped marshmallow filling, dipped in chocolate and finished with Hersey’s semi-sweet choccy chips and bickie crumb.

Oh God, I’m so bloody hungry just thinking about these treaties.

The limited-edition Hershey’s Krispy Kreme range will set you back $3.90 a doughie or $29.90 for a dozen box.

We might still be building up our savings so we can yeet over to the US for a holiday soon. But we’ve got the next best thing in the meantime — these incredible ‘murican treaties that we can scoff down for morning tea. Bonus points if you make yourself a weak filter coffee to wash them down.