Uhh, Jared Kushner Has Been Registered To Vote As A Woman For 8 Years

Jared Kushner is an odd unit. The son-in-law of US President Donald Trump worked his way into a high-profile White House advisory position despite a dearth of government experience – and the fact he repeatedly botched his security clearance forms. In what appears to be a flagrant act of collusion, he attended a meeting with a Russian attorney who offered damaging information on then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. He also featured in Gossip Girl with wife Ivanka Trump that one time.

According to voting records, Jared Kushner is also a woman, and has been noted as such for the past eight years. Official voter registration details obtained by Wired show that Kushner, who did indeed vote during the 2016 election, has been listed as “female” since registering to vote in 2009.

The publication presents several theories for why Kushner is listed as such. The first, and most compelling, is that he simply filled out his registration incorrectly the first time around and failed to amend it. The second theory is that Kushner himself has had his details altered by hackers or other nefarious forces, for purposes that are utterly unknown. The third? Well, maybe Jared Kushner is a woman.

As far as voter fraud goes – a topic of huge importance to Donald Trump, who has claimed the issue is endemic – it seems mighty unlikely Kushner could be pinged. Wired spoke to Loyola Law School professor Justin Levitt, who said there would have to have been some sign of intent when providing false voting documentation to nail Kushner for legitimate voter fraud.

Kushner hasn’t responded to the whole deal.

It’s very, very weird. But hardly the weirdest thing to have wormed its way out of the Trump administration.