The White House Contends That Trump’s Very Real Tan Is The Result Of “Good Genes”

In terms of its actual importance, the hue of Trump‘s skin is probably the least noteworthy thing about him. His policies and his actions and his words are the things about him that really matter. Admittedly, given that it covers his entire body, it is hard to ignore. That Trump’s skin often appears as the sort of sickly, synthetic colour you would expect to see on an Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion character is not a particularly new observation, but how it got that way is still something of a mystery.

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The elaborate routine behind his iconic and utterly mystifying hair situation is now more or less a matter of public record, but whatever he did (and continues to do) to his skin to make it appear as alien as it does is yet to be determined. The New York Times, noting that Trump still sports his ‘tan’ despite the wintery conditions in which he is living, made a concerted effort to get to the bottom of it.

In the piece, the Times speaks to experts and insiders attempting to determine whether he uses tanning creams or tanning beds, something they are unable to do conclusively. The real kicker from the article, though, is that a senior administration official in the White House told them that the White House’s official line on his intensely behued appearance is that he has “good genes“.

I’m no scientist, but I’m not entirely sure that ‘good genes’ alone would account for a slightly orange tan that is often curiously absent from the area around his eyes — the spot where you would, say, wear goggles if you were spending time in a tanning bed. Oh well, I guess we’ll never know.

Pictured: Normal. (Source: Getty Images / CBS)