Trump & Kanye Are Reportedly Having Lunch Together This Week, Bc We’re In Hell

No Country For Old Men is ostensibly about a violent contest of wills between three different men who never meet (with one fatal exception), but, in a broader sense, it is about a man trying to make sense of a world that seems completely alien to all that has come before it. Sheriff Ed Tom Bell struggles to understand what feels like the increasingly violent, brutal, and inhuman nature of crime as Texas moves into the 80s and as the drug trade moves into Texas.

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Facing retirement, Ed Tom feels like the world has moved beyond him. He is visibly exhausted trying to confront what he sees before him. Somehow, this is now what all of us feel pretty much every day of our lives. Everything happens so much. We are bombarded every day with a series of news stories of increasing weirdness. Billionaires call rescue divers pedophiles. US political candidates renounce their horniness for Bigfoot. People throw fish at Liam Gallagher. There’s no point trying to make sense of this world, because it simply cannot be done.

Back in 2007 when I was euphorically dancing to Stronger at my high school graduation, there was no way I could have predicted that Kanye would align himself with President Trump, because there is no way I could have predicted that reality TV show host and real estate mogul Donald Trump would run on a Republican ticket and win the presidency. Nevertheless, here we are: Kanye has gone down a weird path, aligning himself with not just the president but also an unbelievably weird right-wing group most known for dressing up in diapers as a completely baffling form of protest.

Kanye isn’t giving any indication that this is a short-lived phase either, with the New York Times reporting that he’s set to have a meeting with the president this week. According to the NYT, Kanye will be meeting with Jared Kushner to discuss the criminal justice system, followed by lunch with the president.

The meetings were confirmed to the NYT by Kanye’s people, but other than from the two unnamed sources cited in the article, they didn’t get official confirmation from the White House that the meeting was on. Kanye reportedly plans to talk to Trump about how they can increase manufacturing jobs in Chicago.