We Joined A Pro-Trump Dating Site And Somehow Didn’t Land A Hot Husband

At long last, there’s a dating site for Donald Trump supporters – as long as you’re straight, have an insanely high tolerance for obvious spam profiles, and are okay with casual smatterings of white supremacy.

Trump.Dating is a new online dating platform, ostensibly founded to provide supporters of the 45th President of the United States a safe space in which to mingle, hit on each other, and potentially tee up a meeting in real life.

The splash page offers a glimpse at a MAGA hat-wearing couple grinning beatifically at you, the lovelorn Trump supporter, looking to “Find The America First Partner Of Your Dreams.”

“By matching patriotic and political viewpoints as a base foundation of the relationship, it will allow one to focus on what really matters,” the site proclaims.

In the interests of journalism and our own incessant curiosity, PEDESTRIAN.TV created an account to test the site’s ability to help right-leaning folks fall in love.

Trump.Dating’s ideological bent is immediately demonstrated by its sign-up process, which only allows users to register as a “Straight Male” or “Straight Female.” However, users are able to choose from a whole host of political affiliations and current relationship statuses, including “Happily Married.”

The rest of the site’s profile-building capabilities are relatively familiar. Users are asked questions about their appearance, height, and interests. New users can also enter their ethnicity; notably, they can also select preferred ethnicities in their I Am Seeking section.

For the purpose of this article, PEDESTRIAN.TV created a profile representing a straight man, and was subsequently presented with profiles of straight women. Each profile was accompanied by a username, a photo, a list of interests, and a short introductory bio.

Most of the introductory bios followed a similar format: general statements regarding each user’s search for love, and some kind of hint at their desire for a right-leaning partner. Often in the form of a cowboy.

Some even attempted a little Trump-related humour.

However, some stronger statements also appeared in the user bios. One viewed by PEDESTRIAN.TV included a reference to a “secure future,” a reference to the Fourteen Words slogan used in extreme white nationalist groups.

Some statements were even more transparent.

A search revealed that, uh, quite a few accounts appear to hold those beliefs.

And then… well, there was this. 

PEDESTRIAN.TV was unable to message each of the aforementioned profiles to determine their authenticity, and some of the profiles viewed had obvious errors suggesting they were created by trolls.

But the sheer number of real MAGA-hatted photos suggests there really could be a small cadre of active users hoping to find their perfect match. Hell, maybe they’re just looking for someone with whom to share their rankest racial ideologies.

Our take: perhaps just stick to Tinder. Or give up on dating entirely. Either outcome is preferable.