Surprise! Donald Trump Managed To Make The Florida Shooting All About Him

Maybe it’s simply too much to ask for Trump to focus on a national tragedy for any longer than a few days before he turns his attention to the real issue at hand: himself, and his reputation.

After a weekend’s worth of platitudes about the horrific Florida school shooting, Trump changed his tune on who was responsible. He tweeted that perhaps it was the FBI‘s fault for investing so much time into the investigation of whether Russia colluded with his presidential campaign rather than tracking accused shooter Nikolas Cruz.

Of course, there are a number of problems with this tweet – most prominent of all being the question of how Trump assumes staffing at the FBI actually works.

The tweets come after FBI special counsel Robert Mueller announced he was indicting 13 Russians and three Russian companies in relation to interference in the 2016 presidential election.

The FBI did admit on Friday that it failed to investigate a warning that Cruz possessed a gun and the desire to kill. Of course, they did not suggest that their failure to investigate was in any way related to the Russia investigation.

Republican senator Tim Scott rejected Trump’s assertion in an interview with Meet The Press:

So many folks in the FBI are doing all that they can to keep us safe. The reality of it is, is that they are two separate issues.

Wonderful tweets, Mr. President. Splendid content.