I’m no doctor – it’s not me for me to say which part of the human brain has to be missing for someone to think that abusing an animal for fun is in any way normal or fine. I can, however, pretty confidently say that you need to have a pretty substandard level of empathy if you reckon it’s a good idea to try and punt a very nearly endangered animal and have one of your mates film it.
20-year-old Harrison Angus McPherson was charged in a Fremantle court today with ill-treatment of an animal after an incident on Rottnest Island in February, in which he was filmed attempting to kick an adorable goddamn quokka, connecting the second time and sending it flying into a wall.
You can watch the video below, but I would honestly recommend that you don’t:
While McPherson and 21-year-old Corey Douglas James (who filmed this awful shit) were originally both facing charges of cruelty to animals, the charge was downgraded to the less severe ‘ill-treatment’, as the quokka involved could not be located after the incident and they were unable to determine its injuries.
Cruelty to animals has a maximum penalty of up to a $50,000 and five years in jail, but McPherson was only slapped with a $4,000 fine, while James (who was sentenced in May) was fined $3,500.
The court heard that McPherson had been drinking on the day but, according to his lawyer, “just can’t account for the fact he swung his foot“.
Folks, try your best not to have a few shandies and be a complete cunt to an animal.
Source: ABC.
Photo: WA Today.