Total Shitlord Charged W/ Animal Cruelty For Chucking A Quokka Off A Jetty

Because it’s not enough that we’ve thoroughly borked the climate, caused the start of the next mass extinction, and killed most of the Great Barrier Reef, some upstanding members of the human race have taken it upon themselves to continue to spit in Mother Nature’s face. Their method of choice: being dicks to quokkas.
If you’re not familiar with them, this is a quokka:
They’re a small native marsupial who only live on a few islands off the coast of Perth, and they’re impossibly cute. Look at them! They’re cuddly and friendly and always smiling! How could you be a dick to this face?!

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At least this particular dick is immediately facing consequences for his dickish behaviour. The dick in question, a 37-year-old New Zealand man, has been charged with animal cruelty after throwing a quokka off a jetty on Rottnest Island at around 10pm on Friday night. 
Fortunately the quokka managed to swim back to shore, presumably where it has started plotting revenge on the rest of humanity for our senseless cruelty and stupidity.
The man will appear before the Perth Magistrates Court later today, and we can only hope that they throw the book at him, and then throw him into the sea.  
If it feels like you’ve heard a lot about quokka cruelty recently, it’s because you have. Some garbage monsters filmed themselves kicking one of the furry angels back in February, and then there were those French fuckos who set a quokka on fire in 2015. What the fuck is wrong with people? They’re the world’s cutest animal! Get your shit together, humanity!
Source: ABC.
Image: Instagram / @rottnestfastferries.