Hunt On For Oddly Clever Quokka Who Somehow Escaped Rottnest Island By Boat

Much the same way that everyone who has only read about three books continually screams on the internet about how Orwell‘s ‘1984‘ is deeply prophetic, as someone who has only seen the movie ‘Jurassic Park: The Lost World‘, I am now screaming on the internet about how it was deeply prophetic.
In an act eerily similar to a tyrannosaurus rex breaking out of its boat and running wild after being transported to the mainland from Isla Sorna, a quokka has escaped from its home on Rottnest Island after stowing away on a garbage barge.
Residents of Canning Vale, a suburb of Perth, are being urged to keep an eye out for the mischievous bastard, who made his way to the Regional Resource Recovery Centre located in the area.
The Rottnest Island Authority was contacted after one employee at the RRRC showed another a picture of what he believed to be a large rat, with the latter employee luckily recognising it for the adorable, endangered creature that it is.
The Department of Parks and Wildlife is on the hunt for the animal (which will not be returning to the island, possibly for punishment, but more likely for quarantine reasons) and the RIA is offering a free trip to Rottnest Island as a reward for anyone that finds it.
The RIA has said, at this stage, it’s unclear whether the quokka left of his own free will or whether it was put in a bin, the poor creature.
If you live in Perth and happen to see a chubby rat with a big grin, you can give the DPaW Wildcare Helpline a call on 9474 9055.
Source and photo: Community News.