Tornado Footage From NSW Has Appeared Just A Day After A Heatwave & What’s Next? Acid Rain???

tornado footage nsw weather storm

Did a MASSIVE tornado just RIP through SYDNEY sending cattle FLYING and cars into the STRATOSPHERE?? Well, no, but the footage sure is fun to watch. The weather sure has been all over the place lately, hasn’t it?

Just yesterday we wrote about a scorching heatwave travelling to the south of Australia with a burning vengeance. That whole fiasco is still going down, but while the heat escapes the eastern and northern states, a wild weather event has taken its place. Balance, y’know?

A huge water spout (which is often mistaken for a tornado) was spotted off the coast of Dee Why on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. According to Google a water spout is an “intense columnar vortex that occurs over a body of water”. I don’t know man, sounds like a bloody tornado to me.

Some folks caught the spiralling water on candid cam and the footage is truly frightening. Thankfully, water spouts are relatively harmless for those on land — they mostly pose a threat to swimmers, boats and aircrafts. So think of them as a tornado’s distant, less dangerous cousin.

No thanks. I don’t care how harmless these things are, they’re dark-sided and unholy.

According to the Beekeepers of Meteorology (BoM), wild storms with unforgiving rain will hit Sydney, NSW’s Central Coast and the Northern Tablelands starting from late Tuesday and ending around the weekend. If you’re in NSW at the moment, all you’d need to do is look outside to find out what chaos awaits you out there, so this news shouldn’t shock you.

“Severe thunderstorms are likely to produce heavy rainfall that may lead to flash flooding,” said the BoM in a statement.

“Large hailstones and damaging winds in the warning area over the next several hours.”

I guess I’ll need to start packing an umbrella for my umbrella now.

The nasty weather event is said to be moving towards Queensland and will reach there by the end of the week.

Sorry BrisVegas babes, looks like Mother Nature had other plans for your weekend.

As always, stay safe out there friends, and if you see a giant tornado rippling towards you just remember it’s probably a water spout. Probably.