Shut Up And Watch Tony Armstrong Lose His Shit After The Socceroos Qualified For The World Cup

Two photos of ABC News Breakfast sports presenter Tony Armstrong during a live cross, staring at the camera and screaming in excitement..

In good news for both Socceroos and Tony Armstrong fans, the ABC News Breakfast sports presenter went balls to the wall on live television this morning after watching the team qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Did you think we were lying? There was not a humble “woo-hoo” or a dainty “yay” to be heard, nay seen. If Tony were Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries, Julie Andrews would have fainted at such a display. But not us; the sheer thrill and his full body, visceral reaction has rejuvenated our souls, cleared our skin and extended our life expectancies.

Australia’s husband was doing a live cross from Melbourne’s Federation Square, where the intercontinental playoff between the Socceroos and Peru was being shown on the big screen.

To start, Tony’s commentary was normal, yet gorgeous. It’s what you would expect from a sports presenter but because it came out of his mouth, one could easily mistake it as gospel.

We knew something hot was cooking when Tony let out an impassioned roar when Awer Mabil scored a goal and threw the broadcast back to Iskhandar Razak and Lisa Millar.

“Sorry… sorry, I forgot I was on TV there,” Tony said.

King, please: never apologise for speaking your truths.

Iskhandar and Lisa cut to footage from Peru, which showed soccer fans anxiously watching the final moments of the match.

And then we heard it: one big, bold and beautiful cry from the people’s prince.

Pandemonium broke loose. Tony started screaming and jumping. He ran into a crowd of Socceroos stans, his arms flapping in all directions and his mum’s scarf — which a fan accidentally nicked — bouncing with a mind of its own. You can call off the search party FYI,  the people’s prince and his scarf were reunited.

“How good is this?!” he asked a fan.

The fan simply howled, grabbed the camera with two hands and gave it a smooch.

Playing in November will mark the Socceroos’ fifth-straight World Cup finals appearance, so they’re no strangers to the big leagues.

But seeing as they’ve never taken out the trophy, they’re going to need a crowd full of Tonys to get them over the line in Qatar.