John Oliver Shouted Out Tony Armstrong’s Socceroos Celebrations & Said He Has His Mum’s Scarf

john oliver tony armstrong socceroos world cup mum's scarf

The moment our favourite man Tony Armstrong flipped his lid on live tv over the Socceroos qualifying for the FIFA World Cup has gone worldwide. John Oliver picked up on it for this week’s episode of Last Week Tonight and gave Tones’ the global viral treatment he absolutely deserves.

If you weren’t up bright and early that morning in the middle of June (can’t blame you), you might have missed the excellent on-the-ground reporting Armstrong did for the Socceroos’ intercontinental playoff against Peru at Melbourne’s Federation Square.

Tony was doing a live cross the moment the Aussie soccer team locked in their trip to Qatar and the crowd went off like a frog in a sock. His professional, early-morning reporting quickly shifted to unintelligible screaming with the odd “we’re into the World Cup!!!”. It was pure joy and now John Oliver has taken it to the international masses.

Not only that but Oliver claimed he also has Tony’s mum’s scarf, which was nicked by someone in the crowd amid all the frenetic celebratory energies.

Oliver’s delight at Tony Armstrong’s entire being kicks off at about the 9.15 mark, I highly encourage you to take a few minutes out of your day to watch it.

“There is nothing not to love about that,” Oliver said.

“From the reporter holding up his microphone to amplify people’s joy shrieking to the guy kissing the camera to someone stealing his scarf which sadly he never got back.

“The reason I know that is… I have it now. Oh, sure, it used to be your mum’s but now it’s all mine.”

Oliver then held up a scarf that looked shockingly like the one snaked from Tony’s neck five months ago. How on earth did he get it or find one exactly the same?

Tony was quick to respond to Oliver’s claimed ownership of the nicked scarf and told him to give the scarf back on Tuesday morning.

Whoever’s running the Last Week Tonight account fired back a response, refusing to hand over the winter woolly.

Bit rude considering Melbourne’s in a hell of a cold snap at the moment but go off, I suppose.