Tony Abbott Is Having An Absolutely Shit Time Right Now, Just So You Know

There’s an untold story in the absolute chaos around the Liberal spill and the ascension of Scott Morrison as our next Prime MinisterTony Abbott absolutely ate shit again.

The Dutton insurgency was at least in part orchestrated and encouraged by Abbott, who is still licking his wounds over his own 2015 knifing. His long-plotted revenge against Malcolm Turnbull should have come to a head today, but it didn’t. His man didn’t get up.

Yes: he is visibly insanely pissed.

You will note that he does not congratulate ScoMo at any point. He is literally shaking. Three years of work at undermining Turnbull, and Malcolm’s man gets up. Tony has eaten a lot of shit today.

We’ve lost a prime minister but we still have a government to save. That is what we will all do our best to do now… we are the custodians of great political traditions.

Sorry Tony. More proof of your tactical brilliance…. gone, like dust in the wind.