Scott Morrison Says He Wants Tony Abbott Back In Government

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he’d like nothing more than former PM Tony Abbott to join his government if he wins the election in May.

Speaking to 973FM Brisbane radio, Morrison said he’d “very much” want both Abbott and Immigration Minister Peter Dutton in his government.

“Both of them have played a huge role in our government over the last five-and-a-half years,” he said.

“Peter and Tony I’ve worked with, particularly on the issue of keeping our border secure and working on the national security issues. It is sadly a more dangerous world.” 

Morrison’s tough keep-the-country-safe rhetoric is turning into a campaign mantra. His election announcement speech on Thursday focused heavily on issues of national security and he also used vegan protests earlier in the week to puff up his government’s ability to enforce law and order.

Both Dutton and Abbott have flirted with ambitions for the Liberal Party leadership – reclaiming it, in Abbott’s case.

Abbott has never quite gotten over his outing as Prime Minister in 2016 despite promises of no wrecking and no sniping, while Dutton famously led a failed charge to dismount Malcolm Turnbull that ultimately resulted in ScoMo getting the job in late 2018.

Both men, I’m sure, will be happy to help out their PM.