Tom DeLonge Says He Quit Blink To Teach Us The Truth About Alien Invasions

Well, it turns out that lyric was actually pretty damn spot on for ex-Blink 182 guitarist Tom DeLonge
According to a recent interview with Mic, DeLonge said that the reason he quit the band, and his main focus now and for the future is *drumroll*… ALIENS. 
“Well it’s not so much about Blink. It’s about what I’m doing with my life now.

When you’re an individual like me, dealing with something [aliens] that’s a national security issue, and you’re being gifted with the opportunity to communicate something you’ve been passionate about your whole life—something that has the opportunity to change the world over time—being a small part of that is enormously important for my life path.”
He says that at one point, being in the band was a good platform for his alien-related mission, but he needed to expand his operations. 
He also says that we shouldn’t call them aliens (we gonna, though) because the term is government propaganda:
“First of all, we don’t really call it ‘aliens.’ In pop culture, that’s a term people throw out there, and rightfully so because the government spends a lot of time and a lot of money throwing that term out there.”
DeLonge also says that his teachings are backed up by evidence and scientific analysis. And says he knows some shit. Real shit. Shit that’d blow your mind. 
“There’s been hundreds and hundreds of thousands of eyewitness accounts. Trace evidence that’s been analysed by scientists across the world. Events have happened on the ground. It’s all around us. I know of stuff I can’t talk about right now.”
So now, he’s launching launching Sekret Machines. It’s a company that will exist to educate people about the threat of extraterrestrials. They’ll publish books and make documentaries about the threat of an alien invasion, and DeLonge will also do this via music from his band, Angels & Airwaves
…. Coooooool. 
Source: Mic.
Photo: Rebecca Sapp / Getty.