WAKE UP, SHEEPLE: Tom DeLonge Named ‘UFO Researcher Of The Year’

Rise and shine, robots. You’re about to cop a military-strength dosage of the truth.
You might remember that Tom DeLonge told his former band Blink 182 to hit the bricks because he wanted to go off researching aliens full-time.
Oh, we all had a damn good laugh about it at the time. The man who wrote the song ‘Aliens Exist‘ sodding off to find out if aliens exist? Preposterous!
And then his name wound up in a Wikileaks dump which revealed that, somehow, he’d wound up in the inbox of former Bill Clinton Chief of Staff and Barack Obama Counselor John Podesta.
So while Matt Skiba has taken his place and Blink 182 has been off flogging their (surprisingly kinda great) new album ‘California,’ DeLonge has been hard at work digging into Area 51 and the possible existence of aliens by consulting and corresponding with former Department of Defence officials and a former White House Chief of Staff.
It’s a crazy-ass world we live in folks.
For his efforts, DeLonge just got awarded the (we assume) prestigious UFO Researcher of the Year by no less an authority than some mob called Open Minds TV.
His acceptance speech, which rambles on for multiple minutes without really saying anything of note, definitely rates about a 9.0 on the Weird-Shit-o-Meter.
Among other claims he makes, DeLonge asserts that he is “into some serious shit” and that he is “making good progress.” He also promises that there’s some sort of announcement coming from him regarding the work he’s been doing in about 60-odd days.
His acceptance speech, as well as some extended background on the work he’s been doing, is embedded below.

“My job has only just begun on this subject matter, and there’s some big sh*t planned, and I’m excited about it. Just remember, that whatever happens in the civilian world, it’s game on. Okay? Remember that.”

Tom, we surely will.

Source: Vulture.
Photo: Rebecca Sapp/Getty.