This TikTok Trend Is Exposing The Creepy Shit Women Deal With At The Gym & Fkn Get ‘Em, Girls

In news that’s shocking to no woman ever, creepy gym men are taking over TikTok so I suppose we should also add the fkn gym to the list of places women no longer feel safe.

Trending hashtags have been popping up over the last 18 months on TikTok, with #gymcreep and #gymweirdo amassing over 100 million views. A viral video posted to TikTok last month by user Gina (@ginaveelay) showed a man coming and standing directly behind her during her workout.

@ginaveelay Be careful out here girlies cause wtf #creep #weirdo #gymcreep #k18results #gymweirdshit #awareness #awarenessvideo #creepyguys #fyp #viral #fyp #gymprobblems #gymissues #inconsiderate #inconsideratepeople #selfawareness #selfaware #danger #creepy #creepyguystaring #creepyguystory #creepyguywithacamera #workingout #fitness ♬ original sound – Gina

Gina posted the video of this ‘creepy’ guy standing directly behind her while she continues her set. The video also outlined that there were plenty of other places in the gym to choose from, with this man deliberately choosing to camp out behind her and stare at her.

“The gym was practically empty and [there were] so many corners to be in and he choose this one.” She continued on, saying she had already been in that spot for 10 minutes before the garden variety gym weirdo came and set up behind her.

As for why she got her camera out in the first place Gina explained that he was ogling her butt before she started recording, and as both a woman and *occasional* gym-goer, I can’t say I’m surprised by this truly rancid behaviour.

“I started recording him so now we are all uncomfortable together.” Gina said, and go off, queen.

This cooked behaviour from gym bros isn’t an isolated incident either, Heidi Aragon AKA @fit_with_heidi went viral in late 2021 showing a man continually staring at the fitness influencer during her set.

She even went as far as to get her husband to work out next to her but even that didn’t deter the man.

@fit_with_heidi Don’t sit there and tell me you’re not doing something when I have proof. 😡 #gymtok #fittok #influencer #viral #trending #tiktok #fitness #gym #gymgirl #fyp #fypシ #foryou #foryoupage #gymcreeps ♬ Real As It Gets – Lil Baby

These videos have also prompted all kinds of gross men to weasel out of the woodwork and stand up for *checks notes* mens’ right to make women uncomfortable??

Influencer and so called “CEO of gym positivity” Joey Swoll, has made it his entire account to stitch videos of women feeling uncomfortable and discredit them. And can men just stop commenting on women’s experiences please?

Joey says multiple times on his platform that there is a “big difference between staring at somebody or looking and glancing at them.”

He then goes on to say that men stare in the gym because women are in front of them (where else should they be??), and has nobody heard of just minding their own business.

One video he stitches is of a woman named Jessica, and she is visibly made uncomfortable by a man staring at her and then approaching her trying to help her with her weights, help she did not need, or ask for mind you.

Joey even doubles down on the grossness by saying “Women do get harassed in the gym, but you are not one of them.”

@thejoeyswollWomen are harassed in gyms and it needs to stop, but you are not one of them. An act of kindness or a glance does not make you a victim.♬ original sound – Joey Swoll

In another shock to literally no woman ever, Joey Swoll’s comment section is filled with men hyping up his very misogynistic takes.

Comments like “Facts!” or “Joey never misses” litter his sausage fest of a comments section. Now it could just be me, but I don’t look at anyone at the gym, regardless of if they have their camera up or not.

Discrediting and discounting women’s own experiences in the gym isn’t just gross, it’s also part of the problem. Encouraging men to ‘just look’ or ‘offer help’ when it wasn’t asked for or even necessary is also fkn foul.

Continuing a gym culture where women feel they can’t speak up about harassment or being made to feel uncomfortable is gross. As a woman with a gym membership, and just a woman in general, being stared at and made to feel uncomfortable by men happens every. damn. day.

And this discourse that women shouldn’t speak up because the men in their videos might be reprimanded or have families that will see it is truly cooked.

Go to the gym, mind your business, and don’t be a fucking weirdo.