The Viral Dessert That Looks Like A Boob Implant Has Hit Our Shores

If you’ve been kicking it in internet land over the last week, you would’ve heard of – or at the very least seen – the latest food invention/majestical orb dubbed the Raindrop Cake.

This is what it looks like:

A photo posted by @raindropcake on

Yeah, kinda like a raindrop, or, well, a breast implant. You were all thinking it.

Whichever your visual recognition, time to get around it ’cause you’re about to see a lot more of these jelly blobs – made of water and vegan gelatine – now that they’re available Down Under.

The invention – originally created by New York chef Darren Wong – is now being served up at Brisbane‘s Harajuku Gyoza

The restaurant’s general manager, Andrew Jeffries, is stoked to be the first restaurant in Australia (to his and our knowledge) to offer the dessert, which is so delicate that it has to be eaten quickly before it melts.

You have to try our amazing Raindrop Cake, which we bring to Australia from Tokyo and New York direct to Harajuku Gyoza…

Posted by Harajuku Gyoza on Sunday, 10 April 2016

We guess scoffing down something that’s only, uh, ZERO FUCKING CALORIES, shouldn’t be so hard/guilt-inducing, tho.

“We only debuted them yesterday, so it’s the first 24 hours, and people are already excited to order them,” Jeffries told SBS.

“A lot of people are starting to see the raindrop cakes on social media from overseas, I don’t think anyone else in Australia is doing it, so instantly people knew what they were looking forward to.

“The recipe was lot of trial and error as well, and we’re experimenting with some different flavour options, and we’re doing one now with strawberries and condensed milk and peanuts… there’s a lot we can do with them.”

Maybe different flavours will have these things looking less like edible silicone and more like a dessert we actually want in our mouths.

But, hey, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Source: SBS.
Photo: Facebook / Harajuku Gyoza.