If you thought perfection couldn’t be improved upon, you thought WRONG. That’s because when some madman at Macca’s came up with the idea of adding whole donut balls on top a McFlurry, they single-handedly opened the clouds to heaven and manifested this here dessert right before our eyes.

This is no exaggeration. The decadent dessert sees four donut balls smacked right on top of the usual whipped soft-serve, along with hot fudge sauce and crushed cookie pieces throughout.

Sure, the Donut Ball McFlurry might not span the whole food pyramid, but it does manage to incorporate all the most important sweet elements of desserts, and in a way that’s surprisingly gastronomically-coherent.

Just imagine the supple outer shell of Macca’s donut balls being pierced by a spoon against the cookie-infused hot fudge sauce. With each subsequent bite, a mouth full off ice cream cools things down and keeps the flavours in check.

Someone at Macca’s really said “let’s McFreakin’ lose it” with this one and for that, our taste buds are in perpetual gratitude.

Anyway, if that doesn’t sound like heaven, then I don’t know what does. More McFlurry for the rest of us, tbh.

But there’s a catch! Two catches, in fact.

The first thing to know is that this dessert of the gods is only available between November 4 and November 17. So if you’re keen to try it… don’t put that shit off.

Mark your calendars, chart the celestial bodies and refill your clepsydras, because missing out on this would be a massive ball-buster.

Second of all: you can’t actually order the Donut Ball McFlurry in stores.

It’s only available on Uber Eats, which is good if you weren’t keen on getting up off the couch anyway. (Please be sure to give your delivery person a nice rating, too!)

So keep both of these things in mind if you’re rightfully desperate to try this balls-to-the-wall dessert.

Yes, a McFlurry is already heaven. But now thanks to the addition of donut balls, it’s even more heavenly.

A-freakin’-men to that.

Image: Getty Images / Romolo Tavani