The Simpsons And Family Guy Crossover Episode Is Coming Real Soon

In what could either be a beyond-inspired move or merely an exercise in shark jumping, the often joked about, then kind of mulled over, eventually seriously considered, and now actually happening crossover episode featuring Fox animation heavyweights The Simpsons and Family Guy is – and I must stress this part again – actually happening. The Griffins and the Simpsons together under one (in)glorious banner at long last. Who thought they’d see the day?

The episode will be an hour long spectacular, and was formally announced by Fox Entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly at Monday’s annual Upfront Presentation, where Fox outlined their plans for the upcoming season. “Generations of fans will be talking about this one,” Reilly quipped, in the understatement of the decade.
The crossover episode – kind of a Reverse Moe, in the sense that it’s gone from Kid Moe, to Kid Gruesome, to Kid Presentable, and finally to Kid Gorgeous in the eyes of producers – will see key characters from both families pairing off to commit certain deeds. In a short clip shown during the presentation, Bart Simpson and Stewie Griffin are shown skateboarding together in Springfield, whilst Peter and Homer pummel each other senseless because why the hell not?
In other pairings, Lisa will attempt to find Meg something she’s good at doing, whilst Lois and Marge escape the drudging routine of housewife life.
As for Brian? We assume he’ll just post up at the bar and wait for all of this to be over.
Photo: Fox Broadcasting