The Ken Doll Of 2017 Has A ‘Hipster’ Man Bun & The Internet’s Got Feelings

People have been decrying Barbie – and to a lesser extent, her nice guy boyfriend Ken – for setting unrealistic body standards for the better part of three decades. Barbie is too skinny! they said. Barbie’s eyes are disproportionate to her face! they cried. If Barbie was a real-life human, she would only have room in her teeny tiny torso for half a stomach and just one of her kidneys!

Well, we’re pleased to inform you today that Mattel has heard your cries and given Ken a man bun.

Alright, so the man bun isn’t the only new feature to land on Ken’s head. Mattel has today introduced a range of new Barbies and Kens to represent different body types, races, and general life interests.

You’ve got cornrowed Ken, freckled Ken, “a Ryan Seacrest type” Ken.

This answer is also acceptable: 

Then there’s Barbie: full afro Barbie, Latina Barbie, spent too much time on Instagram and now rocks turquoise hair Barbie.

But when all’s said and done, it’s man bun Ken that’s really setting people off.

Clearly, there’s only one solution here: find the scissors and go to goddamn town.

Photo: Mattel.