The Chaser’s Craig Reucassel Packed A Melbourne Tram Full Of Coffee Cups

Catching a tram during morning rush hour in Melbourne isn’t so much an ordinary daily task as it is more a bloodsport. Particularly on the busier routes.
The sight of a tram approaching your stop doesn’t inspire confidence as it does a sense of daring adventure. Are you gonna be able to get on this one? Will it even bother to stop? Will it casually roll up, packed with humans like sardines, and open its doors only to have a dozen sweaty, grumpy people glare at you in a silent shout of “don’t even fucking try”?
In bad news for commuters, there’s one more over-stuffed tram rumbling around the streets of Melbourne today. But it’s not full of on-the-edge commuters wondering when in the LIVING FUCK these godforsaken traffic lights at the intersection of Nicholson and Victoria gonna turn green. Rather this one is chock-a-block full, floor to ceiling, with coffee cups.
Craig Reucassel, one of the chief proprietors of the much-beloved Chaser, is piloting the B-Class vehicle – which is a latte tram, as opposed to the more regular late tram – around Melbourne today while filming part of his upcoming 3-part ‘War on Waste‘ special for the ABC.

The stunt is being pulled to demonstrate how many of the disposable cups Australia churns through at an alarming rate; reportedly, we go through some 50,000-odd every 30 minutes. Which, would you believe, is enough to fill a tram.

The tram stunt follows on from a similar one pulled in Sydney’s Martin Place last week, where 6,000kg of fashion waste was dumped, representing the amount Australia generates every 10 minutes.

Reucassel’s ‘War on Waste‘ – based on a similar series from the BBC – will explore Australia’s disproportionately high rate of wastage, and ask how people can change their habits to produce less waste in the future. Per Aunty’s official show description:

“The exciting new three-part factual series War on Waste will turn the spotlight on the staggering amount of waste we produce as a nation, and how together we can do something about it. No stranger to confronting situations, presenter Craig Reucassel will take on the supermarkets, challenge Australians to go waste free, debunk recycling myths, and uncover some shocking truths about fashion waste. Most importantly he’ll take a critical look at household, retail and farming waste in Australia – and ask, what has changed in the Australian psyche, and in our consumer culture, that has led us to become among the most wasteful nations on Earth?”

The series is currently filming, and is expected to hit screens later this year.

Photo: Yarra Trams/Twitter.