Taco Bell Is Hoofing Out Free Food With A ‘Tram-Thru’ Service In Melbourne Tomorrow

The day is nearly upon us at long, long, long last. Come Saturday, the first Taco Bell location in Melbourne will officially swing its doors open to the public, marking the first time the US tortilla emporium has crossed the Murray into Victorian territory. But if you simply cannot wait that long to get your mouth around a Crunchwrap, a lucky handful of commuters are being given the chance to get their laughing gear across some red hot Taco Bell treats tomorrow, and you won’t even have to touch off your Myki to get it done.

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Between 12pm and 3pm tomorrow, Taco Bell is running the first-of-its-kind “Tram-Thru” eatery.

They’ve got an entire tram decked out in purple (we got a cheeky sneak-peek ride on it last night, and it’s bonkers). Riders will have their orders taken when they board, and then the tram will pop off down the road to Taco Bell’s brand new South Yarra location. Once they arrive, food will be hauled onto the tram and punters will be able to fang down on their delicious treats as the tram rattles its way down past the beautiful South Yarra and Prahran scenery.

Also, it’s free. The food? It’s free. You won’t have to pay a cent. It’s free food, delivered directly to you on a full-on tram. It’s honestly entirely pleasant. Glorious, even.

Those of you keen to get stuck into things can pick the tram up at Stop 51 on Chapel St, on the corner of Malcolm Street (it’s on route 78 for those of you keeping score at home).

If the purple tram doesn’t come your way when you’re down there, don’t fret: The Taco Tram is running on literally every route 78 tram that swings by between 12 and 3. It’s insane.

If you can’t make it down to the Taco Tram, Taco Bell South Yarra officially opens its doors to the public at 10am on Saturday; an event they’re celebrating with a day-long party featuring limited edition merchandise, games, and everything in between. One extremely fortunate sod is going to score a year’s supply of free food as well. So there’s that to consider.

All the vital details can be found via the Taco Bell Australia website.

It’s all bloody happening, pals. It’s finally happening.