The Blowback From Turnbull’s “Borrow From Ya Folks” Quip Is Somethin’ Else

Who could possibly have anticipated that saying young people should just borrow money from their folks to buy a house would be received negatively? Apparently not Malcolm Turnbull – nice work, you dill.

The internet has once again focused its frustration into a collection of angry tweets that you can bask in while you plot how to overthrow a system of generational wealth that precludes young people from entering the housing market.

Liberal governments are never particularly popular with young people, but Turnbull is doing such a great job of making policy decisions that stooge the youth, you’d think he was doing it on purpose – people were similarly very upset with the newly announced $4 an hour ‘PATH‘ internship program:

There’s definitely been a better time to be a Malcolm Turnbull.

Photo: Getty Images / Stefan Postles.