Turnbull Defends His “Borrow $$$ From Ya Parents” Housing Comment Balls-Up

Knowing when to stop and that you will make everything worse by continuing to speak – that’s a mark of a good pollie, there. Set ego to disengage, and know that shutting up is sometimes a better shield than continually defending the “honour” you think you have. 
So, that would make our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull perhaps not so great, then. 
ICYMI, ol’ mate Turnbull thought it a fabulous idea to joke around on live ABC Radio about the options generation Y have for buying a house. And as you can probably guess, his answer to the overwhelmingly frustrating questions about perpetual renting that plague everyone under the age of 35 was: ‘Just ask your parents for the money’. 
Albeit, he didn’t say this directly – it was in conversation with ABC Melbourne presenter Jon Faine:
Obviously this hasn’t gone over too well, but the fires of the ~world wide web~ have been thoroughly stoked by Labor, who’ve latched on to this cock-up and are suckling like they never have before. 
Labor leader Bill Shorten went absolutely HAM in question time, saying to the PM:
“Is that really the Prime Minister’s advice for young Australians struggling to buy their first home? Have rich parents?

Can the Prime Minister confirm that in the past two weeks his advice to young Australians struggling to buy their first home was to have rich parents or to have parents who buy you a home when you turn one.

Prime Minister, just how out of touch are you?”
Turnbull’s hackles obviously went right up, and he accused Shorten of waging ‘class warfare’ (because as we all know, rich people are the ones who suffer the most):

“They are sneering at the hardworking Australians who seek to make something for their children. And they dare to talk to us about being out of touch! 

This is a war – a political war – they want to commence against aspiration, against ambition, against enterprise.”
Dunno about you lot, but this election hasn’t even bloody been called yet and this is exhausting. 

Source: The Age
Photo: Stefan Postles / Getty.