WATCH: Friendlyjordies Roasts People Who Are Suddenly Jazzed On Turnbull

That post-Tone glow is still flush within the cheeks of Malcolm Turnbull, and everyone’s still riding on the euphoria of endorphins that an overdue political knifing floods the brain with.

For better or worse, the Liberal Party is a mob that largely fears change, and as such isn’t *really* in the habit of removing elected leaders mid-term. At least, not in the modern era.
So when it happens, it happens for a reason. And that reason is simply thus: Malcolm Turnbull has a much better chance of defeating a Bill Shorten-led Labor Party at a Federal Election than Tony Abbott does.
Whether Turnbull actually turns the Government’s policy making towards the more moderate-leaning ethos that he’s espoused for an age (the kind that’s endeared him to a lot of young Labor voters, unbelievably) or whether he’s just a less corroded side of the same coin, remains to be seen.
Regardless, the swing of goodwill towards the new PM is remarkable and undeniable. And it’s got the internet’s favourite low-fi left-leaning satirist Friendlyjordies worried about its validity.

Young Voters React to Malcolm Turnbull

Young Voters React to Malcolm Turnbull

Posted by Friendlyjordies on Monday, 21 September 2015

Life is unfaaaaiiiiiirrrrr….