Malcolm Turnbull Can’t Name One AC/DC Song & We Are Shook All Night Long

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is a deeply uncool dude. This isn’t new news; it’s something that’s been well-trodden in for a while now. But god damn there’s being generally uncool and then there’s just straight-up not preparing properly for a media appearance.

Turnbull phoned in to Triple M Brisbane – not just Triple M in general, Triple M Brisbane – earlier this morning, where the untimely and sad passing of AC/DC founding member and chief riffologist Malcolm Young was brought up.

Despite the yarn being the dominating topic of discussion for literally anyone who’s ever been near a pub jukebox, Turnbull appeared incredibly unprepared to talk about Young and, infinitely more troubling, could not name a single AC/DC song when prompted.

Not a single one. Not ‘You Shook Me All Night Long,’ not ‘Back in Black,’ not ‘Highway to Hell,’ and shit, not even bloody ‘Thunderstruck.’

He was frozen, completely stonkered, utterly bamboozled.

In fact, instead of naming an AC/DC song in tribute to one of Australian music’s all-time icons, he instead pivoted the conversation away by suggesting that he really likes the Mental As Anything track ‘If You Leave Me Can I Come Too?‘ which, realistically, is only relevant to the conversation through the fact that AC/DC and Mental As Anything are both bands.

The audio is ah… something else.

Fer christ’s sake, Malcolm. It’s Triple M Brisbane. Being able to blurt out the song title ‘Long Way To The Top‘ is arguably more important than remembering the hosts names.

Though that said, Turnbull strikes as the kind of bloke who pines for a harpsichord revival.

It’s ACCA BLOODY DACCA, Malcolm. God damn.