That Utterly Bonkers Billion-Dollar US Lottery Is Now Open To Australians

If you’ve been anywhere near the Internet over the past week, you’ve probably heard just about everyone in America with a heartbeat hyperventilating over that utterly ridiculous Powerball jackpot that is somehow now hovering around the US$1.3billion mark.

Record ticket sales in the US have driven the jackpot sky-high, and sent everyone into a bloody frenzy – buying tickets straight-out the wazoo.
And normally you’d just be content to sit back here in Australia and watch the hysteria unfold, safe in the knowledge that our citizenship and borders prevents us from being involved.
Except this time, those old rules don’t apply anymore.
As it turns out, Lottoland – the company behind the gargantuan jackpot – has secured the first-of-its-kind license to operate in Australia, meaning that lottery is ALSO OPEN TO US.
The company, who has its base in Gibraltar of all places, secured a five-year license in the Northern Territory that allows them to operate online gambling for international lotteries.
So for the low-low price of $10.50 you can secure a ticket in the US Powerball and put yourself within a 1 in 292million shot of joining the Three Comma Club. Meaning you could totally afford a car with doors that go like this:
Although it should be said that if you live in South Australia you’re shit out of luck because your state is apparently a draconian bore who hates fun.
BUT EVERYONE ELSE? You can get involved by czeching out Lottoland.
Or you could just put a bunch of money in the middle of the room and burn it. It’s probably the same effect.
As always, please gamble responsibly, y’all.