Entire $60M Powerball Jackpot Won By Gold Coast Man Who Should Givvus Some

A retired Gold Coast bloke has taken out a record lottery win by swooping the entire $60million Powerball jackpot last night, which is just… so great… for him.

[jwplayer NczEQ3tC]

The unnamed man from Burleigh Heads was the only Division 1 winner in last night’s gargantuan prize pool, with old mate being the only person from the mountain who entered to correctly pick all eight numbers drawn which, for the record, were 29, 35, 12, 30, 17, 23, and 15, with the Powerball number being 10. Make of any of that what you will.

The win is notable as it is now the second-largest single entry Division 1 lottery win in Australian history, behind a $70million sack of cash that went off to a pair of Hervey Bay grandparents in 2016.

It’s also the first time since 2013 that a $60million Powerball jackpot has actually gone off to anyone, let alone to just one person.

Old mate claims he’s never won anymore than $600 on the lotto in the past, and bought his winning ticket (a 50-game QuickPick) on a whim from the Nextra Burleigh Town News agency in Burleigh Heads. Remarkably, it’s the second $million+ ticket bought from the store this year alone, with an entry that netted its owner $1.3million purchased from the store back in March.

According to reports from NewsCorp, the lucky asshole plans to share the wealth with his family before going on a “real” holiday.

For that kind of money you’d wanna be sucked off by an alien at the Marriott on the Moon.

Either way, with $60million in the bank now, it is my personal view that he should immediately give me three of those millions.

In the grand scheme of things it’s nothing. He will not miss them whatsoever.