Louis Theroux Is Gifting Us A New Three-Part Doco Series In November

Louis Theroux is back.

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The revered documentary filmmaker, broadcaster, and all round cool guy last gifted us a doco in 2016 with My Scientology Movie. 

Theroux was at the National Lottery Awards on Sunday night when he told The Sun that a whole new series would drop this November. 

“I’ve got a series coming up, it’s coming out in November. I can’t say much about it. But it’s a three-parter and it’s set in America. BBC Two,” Theroux told The Sun. 

Set in America, interesting.

I would make an educated guess as to what the subject of this new project could be but if you’re a Theroux fan, you know it could be anything and anyone.

For many of us, Theroux entered our hearts and minds with his Weird Weekends telly series – one which covered a collection of bizarre topics, the next always more wild than the last. Think porn, polygamy, incredibly racist people, and… dating services for European men looking for Thai wives.

Oh, and we can’t forget The Most Hated Family in America where Theroux, always so professional and calm, entered the lives of the Phelps family of the Westboro Baptist Church. Cast your minds back to this experience and you may remember a number of passionate people taking to the streets to protest against the scary homosexuals. Although, upon Theroux’s return to the church in Part Two of the documentary, he learns a number of its members have renounced their faith of hate.

If the thought of a brand new Louis Theroux series just made your Monday, here’s a whole damn list to binge ’til November comes around:

  • Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends (Season one, two, three)
  • The Most Hated Family in America Part One + Two
  • My Scientology Movie
  • When Louis Met… (season one and two)
  • The BBC Two Specials
    • Louis Theroux: Transgender Kids
    • Louis and the Nazis
    • A Place for Paedophiles 
    • African Hunting Holiday
    • Extreme Love: Dementia – this one is so heartbreaking
    • Etc.
  • Dark States 
  • LA Stories