That Pie Thrower Just Got Hit In The Face With A Lifetime Ban From Qantas

7 News is reporting that the deeply strange man who launched a lemon meringue pie into the face of CEO Alan Joyce has received a lifetime ban from flying with Qantas.

Tony Overheu took his ~interesting~ brand of justice into his own hands last week when he hid out in a room in which Joyce was due to give a talk and very solemnly walked out from behind the curtains to pie him.
Overheu’s motivations were political, objecting to Qantas having a stance on marriage equality – although he also objected to people who objected to Coopers for having a stance on marriage equality, so they weren’t exactly cohesive political motivations.
Overheu was facing charges of giving false details to officers, common assault, trespass and damage, although 7 is also reporting that he avoided conviction for assault.
I have a feeling he probably wasn’t too keen on flying with them in the first place, but it still warms my heart to know he has one less airline to choose from when selecting convenient flight times.
Source: 7 News.
Photo:  Twitter / @clarissap83.