Bloke Who Smashed A Pie In Alan Joyce’s Face Charged With Assault

The bloke who was so bloody mad about same-sex marriage he thought the best way to protest it was to wait behind a curtain for two hours then smash a pie into Qantas CEO Alan Joyce‘s face has been charged with common assault, damage and trespass.

Tony Overheu, who inexplicably believed that a good way to make same-sex marriage opponents seem rational and sane was to lie in wait for several hours while clutching a lemon meringue pie so he could smoosh it into the face of an airline CEO, confirmed yesterday that his wife is furious. Now he’s got criminal charges too.
Overheu is a devout Christian who believes that Qantas’ corporate support for marriage equality is ‘social engineering’ – a stupid belief which was made even more stupid by the fact he tried to spread it via smashing a pie into someone’s face.
Western Australian Police did not name Overheu in their statement, but they did say that they has laid charges “against a 67-year-old man after an incident in East Perth on Tuesday, 9 May 2017”.

“The man attended a hotel located on Adelaide Terrace at around 8:15am,” police say in the media release. 
“It is alleged he struck a man who was speaking at a conference in the face with a pie.”

Look, he’s not named, but I reckon that’s him. 

Let that be a warning to shithead homophobes who reckon assault is a great way to spread their message.

Photo: 7 News.