Yup, The Qantas Pie Face Man Did It Because He Hates Same-Sex Marriage

Well, you coulda called it. Turns out the old fella who smooshed a pie into Qantas CEO Alan Joyce‘s face did it because he isn’t a big fan of same-sex marriage. One wonders why this is the way to protest it, but it is what it is.

Tony Overheu – the pie crim in question – spoke with 6PR’s Breakfast show about how he pulled it off:
Lemon meringue appeared to be the softest and least likely to do any injury. I bought the cake the previous evening, popped it in my work ute that I own at 6 o’ clock yesterday morning. Drove from Willetton, parked in the bottom street below the Hyatt, had the cake wrapped up like a birthday present just to make it compact, walked in the front door… waited for a couple of hours until everyone had come in.

In case it wasn’t clear exactly why he pied Alan Joyce – the CEO who has famously directed Qantas to publicly support certain progressive causes – then his statement to 6PR should probably clear that one up for you.

Middle Australia completely rejects corporate bullying aimed at social engineering. Qantas is insulting many staff and passengers with their boarding pass propaganda. What Airbnb is doing in Canberra airport is highly offensive. Outfits like Wesfarmers and Holden loose huge credibility supporting such campaigns. The blatant bullying and extortion of Coopers Brewery was totally reprehensible. CEO’s need to respect Australia is a democracy where backdoor attempts to subvert the clear wishes of the overwhelming majority will cost companies bottom lines. Allan Joyce is paid $13 million to run airlines not bulldoze Australia socially against its will.

Ah. Right.

Source: 6PR.
Photo: 7 News.