Terry Crews’ Criminal Case Against His Alleged Abuser Has Been Rejected

Terry Crews‘ criminal case against Hollywood agent Adam Venit‘s over an alleged sexual assault has ended before it began, after rejections by the offices Los Angeles Country District Attorney and the Los Angeles City Attorney.

TMZ reports the District Attorney’s office first rejected the case under the logic the alleged actions did not constitute a felony.

The case was then passed to the City Attorney, who found that since the alleged incident occurred in February 2016, it fell outside of the one-year statute of limitations applied to misdemeanours.

While prosecutors will not move forward with criminal charges against Venit, Crews also has also filed a civil suit against his alleged abuser.

In October last year, Crews alleged a “high level Hollywood executive” – who Crews later stated to be Venit – “groped my privates.” 

As part of his civil claim, Crews said the psychological impact of the alleged incident was significant, and that he feared repercussions on his career because he spoke out.

Venit has denied the allegations. After taking leave from WME during an internal investigation, he is back at the agency.

If you would like to talk to a counsellor about sexual misconduct, give the people over at 1800 RESPECT a call on 1800 737 732.