CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses sexual harassment.

Terry Crews has delivered a powerful interview addressing the recent sexual assault allegation he made against a major Hollywood figure, identifying his alleged abuser for the first time as talent agent Adam Venit.

Appearing on Good Morning America, Crews said Venit made a series of sexually suggestive gestures before grabbing him by the genitals. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star says he pushed Venit back, but he groped the actor a second time.

“I have never felt more emasculated, more objectified. I was horrified,” Crews said.

Adam Sandler, who is represented by Venit, was at the event when the alleged incident occurred. Crews said “I went over to Adam right then and there, and I’m like ‘Adam, come get your boy. What is his problem?'”

Crews states he told Sandler “‘Hey man, he’s grabbing my junk.’ I was like, ‘Adam, what is wrong with your boy.’

“He didn’t understand, because it was bizarre to both of us.”

Crews left the party shortly after. He said that despite feeling as if he could “punch a hole in his head,” his wife calmed him down, and that he was reminded of advice she gave three years prior.

“She said, Terry you can never handle any situation like this with violence. You are a target. You can be baited and pulled if you react physically,” Crews said.

On the troubling aspect of racial bias that may work against some victims of abuse, Crews said “if I would have just retaliated in defence, I would be under the jail right now.

“And that’s one thing that I knew that being a large African-American man in America, I would immediately be seen as a thug.

“But I’m not a thug. I’m an artist.”

Crews said he was inspired to come forward with his story on Twitter after seeing victims share their stories of abuse at the hands of Harvey Weinstein.

“I understood why women everywhere had to let it go,” Crews said. “But let me tell you, when the Weinstein thing started happening, I had PTSD. I was going ‘oh my god, this exact thing happened to me.’

“I understand why they won’t come forward.”

Adam Venit is on leave from agency WME as the firm conducts an internal investigation. Crews has also filed a police report regarding the incident. 

Watch the whole interview below:

This article discusses sexual assault & harassment. If you would like to talk to a counsellor about rape, sexual assault or domestic violence, give the people over at 1800 RESPECT a call on 1800 737 732.

Source: Good Morning America
Image: Paula Lobo / Getty